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MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. February 15th, 2015. Sony are liars, Insider is 150% right about everything. Even the MOON.

As usual, when he is proven wrong he deflects attention to Sony. So here he goes again.

Sony downgrades, Eurogamer lies, Insider is on track
Chris C Olic : 
they say that proves it wasnt downgraded but i see much more on the screen in the 2012 build minus the film effect and the 2014 retail build looks pale in comparison but has the film effect, it went form a game with more on screen and much more vibrant colors to a game stripped of extras and a darker grey brown tone throughout. they say its ok i remember last gen how they ripped gears of war for being one colored.

Chris C Olic : so thats 2 exclusives in a row to bomb, driveclub was a mess and a flop plus they lied to everyone and never released the free ps plus version but the sdf forgave sony like they always do and now here comes another flop with the order 1886, a total sham yet they somehow will defend it, hopefully this sham sony pulled with this game wakes some of them up. you cant deny the sham that is the order 1886, all cutscenes, tons of QTE, little game play, downgraded, no multiplayer. a big scam.

greatness is still waiting, the next flop will be bloodbourne, i watched bloodbourne gameplay, its awful

Misterx: Sonys overpromise and underdeliver in action.

Misterx: List of Eurogamer biased faceoff updated with new case #18.
Full list is here

18. Evolve
- Eurogamer ignores PS4 problems with missing shadows and AF. Gives PS4 perfomance edge while Xbox One image quality is superior.



vp37 : The Delusion Is Insane

Once again we see another game analysis where there are clear issues with the PS4 version, the XB1 version is clearly better, and yet the media gives the nod to the PS4 version and the ponies are just completely delusional.

The face-off article from Digital Foundry says this;

"The level of anisotropic filtering remains noticeably lower on the PS4, blurring texture details on the ground as a result, while streaming is often a little slower than Xbox One - particularly at the beginning of a game. While we see the same highly detailed artwork and shader effects bestowed across the lush landscapes and characters, lower quality LOD (level of detail) models are sometimes displayed for longer on PS4 compared to the other versions."

"The poorer quality filtering and slightly slower streaming doesn't always show the PS4 version of Evolve in the best light - but thankfully, in the darker environments these issues don't distract from the quality of the gameplay on offer." (seriously...thankfully some of the darker environments hide shitty graphics!)

Here's the best part!

"Making a firm recommendation on which to buy is a little challenging: the PS4's 1080p resolution gives it a slightly more refined experience, and performance is a little more stable too." 

What? So, the PS4 basically has no AF, it has lower LOD than the XB1 version, but somehow the 1080p resolution makes it a more "Refined Experience". Are you kidding me? The very definition of refining is to purify, and DF believes the PS4 version is the more refined version?

I didn't even quote the parts in the article where DF mentions the problems with PSN online matchmaking, and the fact that they completely failed to mention the lack of shadows in may areas of the PS4 version.

The NeoGaf thread on the article is absolutely hilarious. The ponies admit the PS4 has no AF, they have photos posted showing the missing shadows, yet they still claim the PS4 version is superior, and laughably, they claim DF is biased towards MS because they said the PSN matchmaking was bad. They just continue to say, "We know the PS4 is the more powerful console", and continually ignor facts.

I just don't understand why some of these media outlets just can't come out and admit a game looks & plays better on the XB1?

Misterx: Some items from Insider list of predictions moved up to almost confirmed section. Thouse items are marked red.
full list is always here

List of major insider predictions
- full DX12 inside Xbox One(Insider info since 2012. Confirmed by Phil Spencer, Microsoft, Mar 2014)

Almost confirmed
- Inside Xbox One is not 7770 1.31TF GPU. That is a logical assumption from 1st line(info since 2013).
- 3rd party Xbox hardware license (Dell) (Info since 2012).

- No problems with 1080p in the future(confirmed by many devs. DX12 test show it will be the case).
- Tons of exclusives(Microsoft lead this gen in quality exclusives).
- 360 games emulation on Xbox One(by Microsoft at Build April 2014. Insider said back in 2011 some 360 games should be downloadable on Xbox One via Xbox Live with automatically improved GFX thanks to forward compatibility).
- Xbox Fortazzella AR glasses(MS VR/AR tech shown. Insider started talk about it since 2011. long before some images leaked. Next step is to show its Xbox One usage)
- NDA to end and developers will talk more openly about how amazing Xbox One and DX12 are. DX12 is invention of PC 2.0(the prise for DX12 is hight).
- 32MB of ESRAM is not all embedded RAM on Xbox One. There is another type of embedded RAM other than ESRAM with a lot more bandwidth and capacity. HBM. (announced that many DX12 2015 APUa and GPUs from AMD include HBM. Nvidia GPUs with HBM to follow in 2016).

Expected to be confirmed in 1- 3 year scope
- stacked SOC (Mistercteam gets tons of proof)
- 5-6TF SP total power for Xbox One. Xbox One is 2-3 more powerfull than PS4. Plus Xbox One have offloading hardware PS4 does not have.

- Xbox Tablet
- Xbox TV console
- Games to blow our mind on Xbox One.
- 1080p patches to some exiting games when "stereo" driver will be released for Xbox One.
- If Steam machines will get DX12 hardware than Xbox One will get some sort of Steam as app. Microsoft don't want let their RnD results to shitting on Microsoft companies for free.
- PS4 could be Sonys last console - they could go software only because they have no more money and brains to conquer with Americans in AAA-gaming.
- Sonys lie and brainwash will stop fast after MS will show their cards.
- State of the art hardware upscaller inside Xbox One. Upscaller can add a bit of AA and make more FPS by adding frames.

- RayTracing capable via special hardware.

mistercteam: Regarding Nvidia thing on X1 suggested by MrX and Insider

remember we already discuss this several months ago

the point is 
Engadget tour showed 2 important info that i grabbed
A. they showed some DSO Signal representation, that mostly is high speed BW test on X1
B. they showed PCIxpress or AXI , that basically some sort of pcixpress launguage

A+B accidentally mimic the NVlink Nvidia showed
1. Nvlink supposed to be need Coherency, UVM, need PCIxpress framework (all of it supposed to be on X1 too)
2. plus NVlink also directly realted to Stacked too

see the slide below
X1 version


PCI xpress language or AXI bridge ?

Now from Nvidia
notice the requirement , match with what we digging here plus some fact we already know about X1

then interesting Signal test just like X1 test one too !!

gforce1981: HBM stacked memory inside Xbox One. More details backing Insider.

Do you guys see a trend :)

AMD standard GCN, then comes out the xbox one.

Later on AMD release GPU with on board AUDIO (Xbox One has same but way more powerful)

Later on AMD release GPU (285) with less Memory but higher bandwidth due to the GPU's ability to work with Compressed data (confirmed to also be present in the xbox one GPU)

Later on with DX12 we find out that now that the CPU is no longer the Bottleneck and it is now the Command Processor in the AMD GPU's that is the Bottleneck (confirmed that the xbox one has MULTIPLE Command Processors that have been Heavily Modified)

Does anyone see a pattern here :)

There is also the slide from AMD showing the 'high density libraries' which shows that an ALU can take up HALF the space based on the High Density Library instead of Hand Drawn (this could also explain why it looks like the CU in the Xbox one has 128 ALU's even though they are smaller) - this matches this slide. (See below image)

Now we are hearing info that AMD (which has LESS MONEY than NVIDIA) coming out with GPU that has 2.5D Stacked HBM memory (this is something that was rumoured to be on the xbox one, even the likes of Charlie from Semiaccurate was talking about it at some stage).

Now given that this 2.5D memory is going to be on an AMD Graphics card with 'FULL DX12' support its looking like (even insider said it) that this same 2.5D HBM memory is in the xbox one.

The die shots from someone else's research indicated that the way the two large chunks of memory on the right side of the Xbox One GPU are actually a 'spitting' image of what it looks like to have a stacked memory.

So I ask people this question, is it too hard to see that later on it will be confirmed the Xbox One has this HBM memory?

Remember Even Charlie from Semiaccurate was saying how there was about 3 different foundries working on the xbox one SOC (2.5D Stacking can allow 2 separate processes to be 'added together')

The other thing to remember is remember the $3B deal MS has with AMD, is there any reason not to believe that maybe MS has 'helped' AMD Accelerate their 2.5D Stacking process in exchange for some of the goodness them selves. Because remember how I said before AMD does NOT have the money NVIDIA has, BUT, AMD is coming out with a Stacked GPU BEFORE Nvidia.

Something I just dug up also.

IFTLE 67 2011 Semicon Taiwan SiP Global Summit: 3D Technology part 1

"Bridging the Last Mile of Heterogeneous Integration"

"Chairman Tong stood by the prediction he made at last year’s meeting that serious commercialization of 2.5D and 3D ICs would likely begin in 2013"

So what commercialized product that has come out in the marketplace at the end of 2013???? :)

look at this one :), what device do we know that has this "1024 bit bus and 25.6GB/s Bandwidth Written ALL over it :)

"Wide IO memory technology appears to be the future for mobile products mainly because it brings lower power consumption in a smaller, thinner package while being scalable for future bandwidth requirements. "

Look at who Micron bought out in 2012 (and micron makes memory for the xbox one)

"SK hynix will enhance product portfolios with HBM technology to diversify into various applications such as Graphic card, Network/HPC and PC/Game console."

Makes you wonder why MS had multiple foundries doesn't it :)

Something to think about.

gforce1981 Just for Some fun.
Thought I would try and contact Hynix.

My email.


Hi there,

I was reading about your High Bandwidth Memory and TSV Products and noticed you have said it is in a Game Console.

Can you please let me know what console has this HBM memory,



There Response,

TSV's information is confidencial, so please contact below address.

SK hynix Asia Pte. Ltd.
8 Temasek Boulevard #11-03, Suntec City Tower 3, Singapore 038988
Tel: 65-6723-9337,
Fax: 65-6336-5911

LOL, no denial, just said 'its confidencial'.

I have tried ringing MANY times (Still trying), but looks like they too are under NDA's now doesn't it :)

If it wasn't in a console they could of also just said its not currently in any.

I guess time will tell.


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