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Alright everyone.  It is time to flip the switch and move on over to the new forum.  I hope you are all willing to move with us to our new home.  This blog served us well in the last year, but this place will soon outgrow my ability to provide content to you all and for that reason a forum is suited better to our needs moving forward.  That way you guys do not need me to start a discussion before it can begin.  

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. February 15th, 2015. Sony are liars, Insider is 150% right about everything. Even the MOON.

As usual, when he is proven wrong he deflects attention to Sony. So here he goes again.

Sony downgrades, Eurogamer lies, Insider is on track
Chris C Olic : 
they say that proves it wasnt downgraded but i see much more on the screen in the 2012 build minus the film effect and the 2014 retail build looks pale in comparison but has the film effect, it went form a game with more on screen and much more vibrant colors to a game stripped of extras and a darker grey brown tone throughout. they say its ok i remember last gen how they ripped gears of war for being one colored.

Chris C Olic : so thats 2 exclusives in a row to bomb, driveclub was a mess and a flop plus they lied to everyone and never released the free ps plus version but the sdf forgave sony like they always do and now here comes another flop with the order 1886, a total sham yet they somehow will defend it, hopefully this sham sony pulled with this game wakes some of them up. you cant deny the sham that is the order 1886, all cutscenes, tons of QTE, little game play, downgraded, no multiplayer. a big scam.

greatness is still waiting, the next flop will be bloodbourne, i watched bloodbourne gameplay, its awful

Misterx: Sonys overpromise and underdeliver in action.

Misterx: List of Eurogamer biased faceoff updated with new case #18.
Full list is here

18. Evolve
- Eurogamer ignores PS4 problems with missing shadows and AF. Gives PS4 perfomance edge while Xbox One image quality is superior.



vp37 : The Delusion Is Insane

Once again we see another game analysis where there are clear issues with the PS4 version, the XB1 version is clearly better, and yet the media gives the nod to the PS4 version and the ponies are just completely delusional.

The face-off article from Digital Foundry says this;

"The level of anisotropic filtering remains noticeably lower on the PS4, blurring texture details on the ground as a result, while streaming is often a little slower than Xbox One - particularly at the beginning of a game. While we see the same highly detailed artwork and shader effects bestowed across the lush landscapes and characters, lower quality LOD (level of detail) models are sometimes displayed for longer on PS4 compared to the other versions."

"The poorer quality filtering and slightly slower streaming doesn't always show the PS4 version of Evolve in the best light - but thankfully, in the darker environments these issues don't distract from the quality of the gameplay on offer." (seriously...thankfully some of the darker environments hide shitty graphics!)

Here's the best part!

"Making a firm recommendation on which to buy is a little challenging: the PS4's 1080p resolution gives it a slightly more refined experience, and performance is a little more stable too." 

What? So, the PS4 basically has no AF, it has lower LOD than the XB1 version, but somehow the 1080p resolution makes it a more "Refined Experience". Are you kidding me? The very definition of refining is to purify, and DF believes the PS4 version is the more refined version?

I didn't even quote the parts in the article where DF mentions the problems with PSN online matchmaking, and the fact that they completely failed to mention the lack of shadows in may areas of the PS4 version.

The NeoGaf thread on the article is absolutely hilarious. The ponies admit the PS4 has no AF, they have photos posted showing the missing shadows, yet they still claim the PS4 version is superior, and laughably, they claim DF is biased towards MS because they said the PSN matchmaking was bad. They just continue to say, "We know the PS4 is the more powerful console", and continually ignor facts.

I just don't understand why some of these media outlets just can't come out and admit a game looks & plays better on the XB1?

Misterx: Some items from Insider list of predictions moved up to almost confirmed section. Thouse items are marked red.
full list is always here

List of major insider predictions
- full DX12 inside Xbox One(Insider info since 2012. Confirmed by Phil Spencer, Microsoft, Mar 2014)

Almost confirmed
- Inside Xbox One is not 7770 1.31TF GPU. That is a logical assumption from 1st line(info since 2013).
- 3rd party Xbox hardware license (Dell) (Info since 2012).

- No problems with 1080p in the future(confirmed by many devs. DX12 test show it will be the case).
- Tons of exclusives(Microsoft lead this gen in quality exclusives).
- 360 games emulation on Xbox One(by Microsoft at Build April 2014. Insider said back in 2011 some 360 games should be downloadable on Xbox One via Xbox Live with automatically improved GFX thanks to forward compatibility).
- Xbox Fortazzella AR glasses(MS VR/AR tech shown. Insider started talk about it since 2011. long before some images leaked. Next step is to show its Xbox One usage)
- NDA to end and developers will talk more openly about how amazing Xbox One and DX12 are. DX12 is invention of PC 2.0(the prise for DX12 is hight).
- 32MB of ESRAM is not all embedded RAM on Xbox One. There is another type of embedded RAM other than ESRAM with a lot more bandwidth and capacity. HBM. (announced that many DX12 2015 APUa and GPUs from AMD include HBM. Nvidia GPUs with HBM to follow in 2016).

Expected to be confirmed in 1- 3 year scope
- stacked SOC (Mistercteam gets tons of proof)
- 5-6TF SP total power for Xbox One. Xbox One is 2-3 more powerfull than PS4. Plus Xbox One have offloading hardware PS4 does not have.

- Xbox Tablet
- Xbox TV console
- Games to blow our mind on Xbox One.
- 1080p patches to some exiting games when "stereo" driver will be released for Xbox One.
- If Steam machines will get DX12 hardware than Xbox One will get some sort of Steam as app. Microsoft don't want let their RnD results to shitting on Microsoft companies for free.
- PS4 could be Sonys last console - they could go software only because they have no more money and brains to conquer with Americans in AAA-gaming.
- Sonys lie and brainwash will stop fast after MS will show their cards.
- State of the art hardware upscaller inside Xbox One. Upscaller can add a bit of AA and make more FPS by adding frames.

- RayTracing capable via special hardware.

mistercteam: Regarding Nvidia thing on X1 suggested by MrX and Insider

remember we already discuss this several months ago

the point is 
Engadget tour showed 2 important info that i grabbed
A. they showed some DSO Signal representation, that mostly is high speed BW test on X1
B. they showed PCIxpress or AXI , that basically some sort of pcixpress launguage

A+B accidentally mimic the NVlink Nvidia showed
1. Nvlink supposed to be need Coherency, UVM, need PCIxpress framework (all of it supposed to be on X1 too)
2. plus NVlink also directly realted to Stacked too

see the slide below
X1 version


PCI xpress language or AXI bridge ?

Now from Nvidia
notice the requirement , match with what we digging here plus some fact we already know about X1

then interesting Signal test just like X1 test one too !!

gforce1981: HBM stacked memory inside Xbox One. More details backing Insider.

Do you guys see a trend :)

AMD standard GCN, then comes out the xbox one.

Later on AMD release GPU with on board AUDIO (Xbox One has same but way more powerful)

Later on AMD release GPU (285) with less Memory but higher bandwidth due to the GPU's ability to work with Compressed data (confirmed to also be present in the xbox one GPU)

Later on with DX12 we find out that now that the CPU is no longer the Bottleneck and it is now the Command Processor in the AMD GPU's that is the Bottleneck (confirmed that the xbox one has MULTIPLE Command Processors that have been Heavily Modified)

Does anyone see a pattern here :)

There is also the slide from AMD showing the 'high density libraries' which shows that an ALU can take up HALF the space based on the High Density Library instead of Hand Drawn (this could also explain why it looks like the CU in the Xbox one has 128 ALU's even though they are smaller) - this matches this slide. (See below image)

Now we are hearing info that AMD (which has LESS MONEY than NVIDIA) coming out with GPU that has 2.5D Stacked HBM memory (this is something that was rumoured to be on the xbox one, even the likes of Charlie from Semiaccurate was talking about it at some stage).

Now given that this 2.5D memory is going to be on an AMD Graphics card with 'FULL DX12' support its looking like (even insider said it) that this same 2.5D HBM memory is in the xbox one.

The die shots from someone else's research indicated that the way the two large chunks of memory on the right side of the Xbox One GPU are actually a 'spitting' image of what it looks like to have a stacked memory.

So I ask people this question, is it too hard to see that later on it will be confirmed the Xbox One has this HBM memory?

Remember Even Charlie from Semiaccurate was saying how there was about 3 different foundries working on the xbox one SOC (2.5D Stacking can allow 2 separate processes to be 'added together')

The other thing to remember is remember the $3B deal MS has with AMD, is there any reason not to believe that maybe MS has 'helped' AMD Accelerate their 2.5D Stacking process in exchange for some of the goodness them selves. Because remember how I said before AMD does NOT have the money NVIDIA has, BUT, AMD is coming out with a Stacked GPU BEFORE Nvidia.

Something I just dug up also.

IFTLE 67 2011 Semicon Taiwan SiP Global Summit: 3D Technology part 1

"Bridging the Last Mile of Heterogeneous Integration"

"Chairman Tong stood by the prediction he made at last year’s meeting that serious commercialization of 2.5D and 3D ICs would likely begin in 2013"

So what commercialized product that has come out in the marketplace at the end of 2013???? :)

look at this one :), what device do we know that has this "1024 bit bus and 25.6GB/s Bandwidth Written ALL over it :)

"Wide IO memory technology appears to be the future for mobile products mainly because it brings lower power consumption in a smaller, thinner package while being scalable for future bandwidth requirements. "

Look at who Micron bought out in 2012 (and micron makes memory for the xbox one)

"SK hynix will enhance product portfolios with HBM technology to diversify into various applications such as Graphic card, Network/HPC and PC/Game console."

Makes you wonder why MS had multiple foundries doesn't it :)

Something to think about.

gforce1981 Just for Some fun.
Thought I would try and contact Hynix.

My email.


Hi there,

I was reading about your High Bandwidth Memory and TSV Products and noticed you have said it is in a Game Console.

Can you please let me know what console has this HBM memory,



There Response,

TSV's information is confidencial, so please contact below address.

SK hynix Asia Pte. Ltd.
8 Temasek Boulevard #11-03, Suntec City Tower 3, Singapore 038988
Tel: 65-6723-9337,
Fax: 65-6336-5911

LOL, no denial, just said 'its confidencial'.

I have tried ringing MANY times (Still trying), but looks like they too are under NDA's now doesn't it :)

If it wasn't in a console they could of also just said its not currently in any.

I guess time will tell.

Monday, February 9, 2015

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. February 9th, 2015. Here is the thing about MisterXmedia and his clan of ignoramus'.

Hey guys.  Just a quick update for those of you who frequent Reddit.  There is now a SubReddit for MisterXmedia.  I created it back last summer and never really did anything with it.  I decided now would be a good time to revive it since I find myself posting less and less about him on my site as time goes on.  I encourage anyone who wants to to go hang out there if you like.

Be sure to bookmark both and subscribe!

MisterXmedia's latest post is live:

Insider Daily. PS4 will get its Mantle like CPU optimization too. Still isnt enough to pass DX12/UE4
Insider: Qb is pushed back. But there is storys of hololense being used for overlay and new effects.  When the game does a time loop you can walk around and look from different angles.  I haven't seen this only what was said. But it does fit in well with the forza 6 stuff. And the prospective of the 3rd person elements have near feald pov which is hl specific for tv projecton.
More will come soon. But both console have to get the hdmi 2.0 sorted asap.
and steam is coming its company is still heavily pushing steamos but new opengl  to match dx12 api. Expect gabe on stage @ e3.  Its business.
Insider: performance analysis ..
Misterx: What do you know about Mizuchi Engine? Is it real or smoke and mirrors as usual for PS4?
Insider: Physical based rendering.  Engine. No that's the real deal.  There using some nice tech api but it's based on a mantel api on ps4/PC ..
Won't matter tho it will be big with middle ware tho.
The level of quality coming will supersede this by a fair margin. But won't land till 2016 we will see some really nice aspects tho.
The dx11.3 update to games like dead rising 3  and Titan fall are all designed to be CPU bound
These games will be getting core updates. Not every first cycle games will benefit.
They don't have draw bundles.
If we look at xbox one architecture and how dx12 benefits PC you get a direct ideas of a jump.
When I referred to 50% difference this was in contrast to early benchmarks just a ball park figure Truth is it's a lot higher.   Ps4 is not going to benefit as heavily from mantel 2.0 as dx12  . Because dx12 is not just gfx api. It is more complex it's a an overall api. Even audio
CEO Brad Wardell,  is correct in his specifics his engine is-specifically design to be CPU bound.
But he also is not the gfx gpu type of guy.  No doubt he understand. Nda are being enforced.
Only what is being talked about is only backing up what is common knowledge within the community's.
I am 100% sure he knows what is coming at Gdc and then e3 from ms.  And his assumption of xbox one not even scratching the surface.  His thoughts on the dx9+ game engines we are playing games based on is current also.  Cross generational gaming. Even forza 5. Forza horizon 2. Ryse were all designed to be on xbox360 so there back end is still dx9 specific. But there using dx11 in minimal travesty. :)
What can be expected is still developer bound also.   Bf4 hard line is the example that dx10.1 is the primary back end because the engine was based around the time dx10.1 Was being updated to use dx11 api
Xbox one was all ways design for forward compatible with future versions of dx api. 11.1 is just placeholder.
Brad Wardell,  is correct also In regards to cgi level gfx.  Gears will blow your mind.  E3 can't come quick enough.
Game on.
Misterx: That Mizuchi engine is on pair with UE4 rain demo...
UE4 looks a little better to me. But still looks great for a 1.8TF PS4. How many draw calls this require?
Cant imagine how there could be even better GFX
Oh, i forget Paris demo. It looks even better.
Open world on Xbox One vs corridor game on PS4. That trick will allow PS4 last longer again.
gforce1981: BETA TESTED IN THE FUTURE Lets talk some numbers :) I thought I would re post this for the benefit of everyone (as I replied to someone above)
But if you ever wondered why and How MS could have launched a console that at the start was 'deemed' to be under powered however was never the system that had the less power.
the 768 operations per cycle on the xbox one VS the 1152 ALU on the PS4 is where you have made your mistake.
The 768 operations per cycle on the Xbox one HAS been confirmed by MS and the Tech guys.
the 1152 number for the PS4 is ALU processors, this does NOT equal number of threads. If you go back to all the information on the current gen GPU's from AMD (the same one used in the ps4, well any GPU from AMD really) and they require 4 ALU's per clock to complete 1 Operation
So the CORRECT maths is this.
PS4 = 1152 / 4 = 288 Operations Per cycle (confirmed ALU from Sony as well as Confirmed from AMD hardware re the 4 ALU per clock per operation)
Xbox = 768 Operations Per cycle (CONFIRMED BY MS)
So the thing is, MS have NEVER stated the amount of ALU in each Compute unit, they have only stated the operations per cycle.
If you work backwards you would 'think' that the xbox one then would have 768x4 ALU = 3072, however this may also be incorrect because if you look at the ACTUAL die shot photos you can see that the PS4 has 64 ALU per CU (which is Stock standard GCN), and on the xbox one you can see 128 of 'something' in each CU.
So that is why you also see a lot of people here talk about xbox one having 1536 ALU (12 CU's * 128 ALU = 1,536) and the PS4 is 18 CU's * 64 = 1152.
Then you will get people say things like, well if the Xbox one has more ALU then why are the games lower resolution.
Well the SIMPLE answer for that is Third Party Games have been using the Dx11 Vanilla Code path for games on Xbox one, and we know that Dx11 GIMPS the GPU as it relys on only ONE CPU to feed the GPU, and we have to remember that the xbox one has smaller CPU cores than the like of an I7 for example.
So you have a SINGLE Smaller CPU core (using DX11) trying to feed (lets use the example 1536 ALU) you will literally NOT be able to use all of the GPU power because of the CPU bottleneck.
This is also the exact reason why the likes of Brad wardell have said that DX12 will be like giving xbox One owners a GPU that is Twice as powerful.
Because once you remove that CPU bottleneck they then can feed the GPU fully and we get better performance
"Can anyone think of an example where the console that appears weaker is in fact the stronger system?" (not his exact words but the same point)
His actual words (From Albert Penello)
"Performance: I’m not dismissing raw performance. I’m stating – as I have stated from the beginning – that the performance delta between the two platforms is not as great as the raw numbers lead the average consumer to believe. There are things about our system architecture not fully understood, and there are things about theirs as well, that bring the two systems into balance.
People DO understand that Microsoft has some of the smartest graphics programmers IN THE WORLD. We CREATED DirectX, the standard API’s that everyone programs against. So while people laude Sony for their HW skills, do you really think we don’t know how to build a system optimized for maximizing graphics for programmers? Seriously? There is no way we’re giving up a 30%+ advantage to Sony. And ANYONE who has seen both systems running could say there are great looking games on both systems. If there was really huge performance difference – it would be obvious.
I get a ton of hate for saying this – but it’s been the same EVERY generation. Sony claims more power, they did it with Cell, they did it with Emotion Engine, and they are doing it again. And, in the end, games on our system looked the same or better.I’m not saying they haven’t built a good system – I’m merely saying that anyone who wants to die on their sword over this 30%+ power advantage are going to be fighting an uphill battle over the next 10 years… "So this is how the Xbox one can be released and 'seem' less powerful at the start.
Revben Chase Da Kingdom : We have seen that xbox one cpu can do <100k drawbundles and a bundle can be 10draws, so xbox one can do 1 million draws!!!!!!
With so much draw calls, the next bottleneck is command processor, but xbox one four command processor, this sick. xbox gpu next next already!!!!
Plus, each thread can do 128bit/clock. Everyone even on beyond3d agrees xbox one has 768 threads, so do the maths!!!!!
Mistercteam: Which is why MS stated they modify the CP
as AMD hinted that Future HW consideration one of it is CP bottlenecks
Now On AMD slide there is also interestig slide
that basically inline with PS4 performance, remember PS4 game developer supposed to be already using low level API
interesting ....
Then Hope people catch what i trying to said.....Check all above slide !!! Bundles is related to CPU performance !!
SO IF PS4 already using LOW level API the CPU can only submitted in range of 10K-30K
and X1 DX12 slide showed 100K Bundles (WOOOOWWWW!!)
--->> Think it , what kind of CPU on X1 can submitted that monster 100-500K Drawcall or >100K Bundlesof course not JAGUAR !!!!! ....... <-----
gforce1981: How Avatar like graphics will be achieved
We are getting back to what was stated by AMD many years ago, and that was that the next xbox WILL be able to produce avatar like graphics.
now this was from AMD and NOT from MS at the time. (Even though MS have said it will last 10 years etc)
Now we hear from Brad the same tune like what AMD said. (and even in his podcast said lookout for what AMD is bringing at GDC :) ) not to mention how many people are talking about Dx12 etc.
So, so far we have seen a little glimpse of what just the Dx12 CPU performance improvements can do to a game.
So what this means is no long will there ever be an issue about games having MASS amounts of things on the screen at a time.
So how do we get to Avatar like graphics.

  1. we have the CPU optimisation which Eliminates the CPU as being the limiting factor to what the GPU / other processors can be fed with.

  1. we have GPU optimisations / new render modes etc that I believe with Dx12 will be a game changer (and I think we will see this at GDC)

  1. we have seen that even like AMD said in their slides and anantech is that the Command Processors are now the bottle neck in old gen GPU's

  1. we know that the xbox one has highly beefed up and customised Command processors that can EACH handle 16 work items each 4x16 = 64 work items, unlike the PS4's 1 CP with the 8 Aces = 9 work items)

  1. we have yet to see games implementing the tiled resources, remember the demos MS showed how instead of needing GB's of data they can now produce a 1920x1080 render using less that 16MB's. This is Magnitudes of times better perfomance and it uses a "FRACTION" of the bandwidth.

  1. we have yet to see how the offloading processors in the xbox one come into play

  1. we have next gen games that are NOT going to be using the DEFERRED rendering paths and instead use Compute Paths. which ONCE again has been proven to use Less Bandwidth, Less ROPS and more efficient.

  1. We have 4 move engines in the Xbox one that are there to stop the GPU from having to do those tasks (PS4 doesn't do this)

Cloud Offloading.... remember 3 times the power of the xbox one in the cloud for EVERY Xbox one Owner.
If you add these things together;
Dx12 + Tiled Resources + Lower Bandwidth Requirement + Dealing with Compressed data + offloading processors + Offloading to the Cloud + fast on chip caches and memory and eSram = A BEAST OF A SYSTEM.
remember how MS Engineers said they designed the system so that NOT ONE item would be a bottleneck in any particular situation.
What we have just seen from Brad Wardell and we have seen with the test with the Draw Calls on the OLD Dx11 hardware was Now they have gotten rid of the CPU bottleneck they have realised that NOW the Command Processor is NOW the Bottle neck.
So look back at what MS has done with the Command Processors (they HAVE 4 Beefed up ones)
So remember how Brad said AMD will be showing something and people might get pissy and that is because PC gamers have been playing with Gimped Hardware (I know he was also talking about CPU's etc) but think of it, if that DX11 Hardware they tested had a better Command Processor or had more than one, then that wouldn't be the bottleneck in that card anymore and would ONCE AGAIN allow the card to perform even better.
So the more we find out the more we realise that MS have Developed an ABSOLUTE MONSTER of a SOC and it is now going to take time for the software to catch up (which isn't far away now :) )
This my friends is how we are going to get Avatar like graphics.
Can't wait.
Game on.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

#IDARB could be getting a H-O-R-S-E mode.

If you have been enjoying your time playing #IDARB you might be in for a treat in the future.  @MikeJMika on Twitter (#IDARB Developer) replied to my Tweet in which I suggested the idea of adding H-O-R-S-E mode to the game.  From what he said the mode was already in the game at one point and time during development so it is entirely possible that he will eventually bring it to the game!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Here is some concrete proof that Parasite76 has no clue what the hell he is talking about.

This is the kind of Shit that is happening all the time,  but the idiotic followers of MisterXmedia just brush it under the rug so they can cling to their delusions.

So now it is official, not that it wasn't well known before, but Parasite76 has absolutely no damn clue what he is talking about!


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Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear MisterXmedia, what happened? Where is the 1080p for The Witcher 3? Why no DX12?

This is the kind of stuff that makes me laugh my ass off.  I admittedly do not follow MisterXmedia much anymore, but I read the news about The Witcher 3 being 900p on the Xbox One and immediately remembered this from MisterXmedia where he stated that the game was literally delayed to implement DX12.

IF the power he claims DX12 brings is all the game needed then they took a year to implement DX12 on the game and it is still only 900p on the Xbox One.  So what is it?  Is DX12 the next greatest thing in gaming and makes the Xbox One 4+TF.....or are you and your entire community full of shit?  Because it is either or....

You know what--while were currently pointing out bullshit.  Where is that resolution bump for Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 that was supposed to happen back in June or 2014?

Friday, January 23, 2015


Dear Brianna,

I just want to say that I have an enormous amount of respect for you.  For what you do.  For how you put yourself out there and how you have stuck to your convictions the entire time I known of you.  I cannot imagine how much of a pain in the ass all the stuff you've been subject to has been.  I have quietly followed you since all the Gamergate stuff exploded back around September and I have always found you to be an intelligent and reasonable person.

Lately though it seems like you are starting to fight all the idiotic vitriol from people with vitriol of your own.  Does that not serve to hurt your cause more than help it?  You're a smart women and I know you know how the internet works.  People are not going to dial back their own vitriol if you respond with the same.  It only escalates more and before you know it you've got another adversary rather than someone you can have a constructive debate with.

Today was sort of the kicker for me when TotalBiscuit and yourself got into it on Twitter.  I do not have an opinion of him personally one way or the other so I don't have any preconceived feelings about the guy that make me feel like I need to defend him.  But I do feel like from the first word you were quite vitriolic and had things been handled differently there may have been a constructive dialogue between you two rather than another forgettable internet fight.  What TotalBiscuit said was really odd and uncalled for in my opinion, but approaching him the way you did is only going to bring about exactly what happened between both your fan-base.

At a certain point the vitriol needs to stop so you might as well be the bigger and stronger person who is willing to make that first step towards doing it.  You've every right to be pissed off about all the crap you've been subject to so if you just cannot help but be upset I completely respect that.  But just know that vitriol on the internet never advances a positive discussion even when it comes to feminism.

I hope this does not come across as me attacking you for anything today because that was not my intent.  Rather I just wanted to give you my input as largely a bystander of all the Gamergate stuff.  I think it would serve everyone well to maybe approach things with less accusations and vitriol.  If someone says something that is sexists it makes a world of difference to point it out to them as sexist rather than brand them a sexist for life.  Just some food for thought I guess.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. :)  Have a great weekend!

Adam D
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. January 21st, 2015. MisterXmedia was right about everything he knew 4 hours before the show, but didn't post because.....NDA?

Seriously guys.  You cannot make this shit up.  This is so unbelievably funny that he is once again claiming he knew all along....but ah...he just didn't post it because of bad internet?  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. Pre 21 Jan bits. Illumiroom Fortaleza != Hololens. Steam remember Steam

Insider: I think we both know that e3 will be the power play. Because devs are working massive hours to get there games migrated over to win10 and dx12 .

i would start saving your money towards a 4k uhd television. It is time :)

I also know that in the next few hours there will be good news and a little bit of sour news in regards to pc gamers get some xbox games via apps. But e3 will be were games on x1 really kick it up a notch.... game on

I could See windows xbox phone getting announcements. But I cant be sure 100% because I am not the boss. :) plans are in motions to drive the xbox echo system forward. This is business and all extremely bad for sony fanboys in the long run.

:The PCie LAN bus is a possibility. But today will be more inline with win10 and winx integration cross app. And I expect ether win/xbox phone announcements. And or streaming to devices from x1. Due to the wifi/Bluetooth tech it's all ready set to happen. Vr/Ar is a good possibility. And with e3 coming there is bound to be movement within announcements. Phil is using a strategy and it's his show I think every body should not spoil the possibility's or the thunder. So I won't give you the what is going to happen line. I want Phil and xbox team windows team to really show people what is possible. Something's are good some won't be. This is really to show that xbox brand has matured into a well receipted product. and it has the wealthy not only asserts. But rnd and a joint effort across all of ms platforms. It's a well adjusted team and they shipped a windows box lets see them make it shine. and games are on so Gameon

Misterx: that was meant to be posted 4 hours before the show. dd not post evrything. In Thailand now. slow internet.
Insider:Illumiroom Fortaleza! = Hololens X1 plus win 10 GDc. E3 will be the powerplay . The bombs were dropped. Steam remember steam.

Gameon blog

Insider:Not a lot of xbox exclusives will end up on PC natively speaking. Stream tho yes. I said there would be ups and downs :)

Must feel good for a lot of you people on the blog who have had to put up with so much prejudice. And bullying out there. I believe this is the best community for xbox fans and I really want to see the community expand and for the individuals to keep working together. Gameon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. January 14th, 2015. Wrong about ray-tracing, repackaged news and wrong about Forza.

There is nothing now other than him claiming ray-tracing is going to be in the game, but he's already claimed that it was in the Halo 5 trailer--which is wasn't.  So he really has no legs to stand on in any regard to ray-tracing.  I am not saying that it is not possible on the Xbox One.  I just do not know.  But I can tell you from speaking with multiple AAA developers that real-time ray-tracing is something that is not going to show up in the next 6-8 months out of nowhere.

The comment he makes about the AR/VR coming, but possibly around E3 is already well documented news!  All you need to do is Google it and you will find it!  He is just repackaging news and calling it his own like always.

Lastly, remember when MisterXmedia/Insider was claiming the the main Forza series was going to more than a 2 year development cycle?  What happened to that?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Year One Review Part: 2 | DayZ

Got around to filming what is unfortunately going to be my final part of my Year One Review of DayZ Standalone.  Events that took place in the game made it abundantly clear that this game is just not worth spending money on right now.  Check out my video for all the details.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Can someone explain to me what just happened here? | DayZ

If you were ever contemplating giving DayZ a try here is a video showing just one of the many things that you may end up experiencing.  I am not 100% sure, but I am pretty damn sure on this one that I was killed by a hacker.  It is kinda obvious.  Luckily I had my Elgato Game Capture HD60 running at the time!  Take a look!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. January 8th, 2015. The hypocrisy is absolutely astounding in this post.

So MisterXmedia.  A guy who has been around for over 5 years now claiming to have insider information which he is leaking to the public because he is the only one who truly cares about the Xbox brand just said what is perhaps the single most hypocritical thing I will read in 2015.

"Insider: Like I said mrx all these months. Its a shame that the digging had to relie on theft and not diligence from research. But it backs up all the conception.
The influx from the fall out should be good. Gameon :)"

Hey asshole.  Someone else stealing information and allegedly leaking it to you is still theft.  Lay off the vodka you crazy idiot!

Everything else in here is just him taking undue credit for shit that they are claiming they predicted months and years ago, but in the best of cases they are just latching on to one small detail and claiming it is massive and they proved it long ago.  It is all such nonsense.  It is laughable really.  Don't worry though everyone!  More power is coming!

Here is the PDF.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kinda Funny Games Commentary | Contagion

The news yesterday of Greg Millers surprise departure from IGN was shocking to say the very least.  In this video I give my views and perspective of the whole situation.  I personally feel that we should be happy for them and hope them all the best because this is exactly what gaming needs right now.